corima.cfs – The TMS solution
for complex requirements

The modular software system for implementing solutions in all areas of Treasury and Corporate Finance.
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Functional Areas

cash managment

The cash management functionality supports you in the course of receipt, administration and transfer of payments for optimising payment transactions in the whole company.

front office

In the front office solution you can enter your financial transactions quickly and flexibly and obtain an overview of the current status of your treasury positions.

back office

The back office solution helps you to process your financial transactions and control your treasury business workflow.

liquidity planning

The financial status and liquidity planning applications will facilitate efficient display and planning of your liquidity position.

risk management

The risk management application helps you analysing and controlling your financial risks.


In the accounting module you can implement booking concepts on the basis of national and international requirements in parallel and integrate them in the overall treasury process.



Application profiles

Flexible deposit of application profiles on group and user level


Integrated master data model

Integrated master data model for all modules and applications (from front office to liquidity planning)


Authorisation concept

Homogeneous authorisation concept for all system functions


Data and report concept

Well-designed output, data and report concept


User interface

Consistent concept for the configuration of the user interface


Standardized interface concept

Standardized interface concept for linking the up- and downstream of external systems


Visualize/control of treasury processes

Visualize/control of treasury processes by combining system modules

Application Cases

By combining various system functions corima.cfs offers the possibility of mapping various structured operational and evaluation processes within the corporate treasury.

Exact structuring of the treasury process by flexible definition and parametrisation of the workflows (from transaction entry to generation of payment media)

  • Definition of the relevant business types (FX derivatives, money market trading etc.)
  • Parametrisation of business entry processes (definition of entry information, allocation of access rights etc.)
  • Linkage to external trading platforms (360T etc.)
  • Automatic allocation of payment and entry information (for back office and accounting)
  • Matching of business information (including linkage to matching platforms » Misys)

Efficient processing of cash management considering the treasury disposition process

  • Flexible definition of the account statement formats to be used
  • Definition of derivation rules for payment processes
  • Definition/display of pooling structures
  • Configuration of the arrangement process
  • Set-up/parametrisation of payment transaction functionalities

Control of foreign currency risk by detailed involvement of cash flows from operational processes into the treasury processes, as well as setting up and monitoring of overall exposures

  • Definition of relevant backup exposures (cash flows of operative business and/or financial transactions)
  • Linkage to operative systems and planning modules (on the basis of an exposure-/ import data model to be flexibly defined)
  • Structuring and allocation of exposures from backup transactions (call transactions, options)
  • Matching and control of FX risk trades on real time basis

Detailed set up of accounting concepts by complying with national and international requirements as well as solving specific requirements (financial derivatives, investment transactions etc.)

  • Permanent separation of mandates (support of a centralised entry control within the company group)
  • Parallel entry according to different entry conditions (HGB/BilMoG, IFRS, US-GAAP etc.)
  • Entry of derivatives (FX, interest rate, commodities) involving operative segment structures (entry on the basis of management/business units)
  • Implementation of external entry requirements
    - hedge accounting according to IFRS (IAS 39/IFRS 9)
    - IFRS 7 / IFRS 13
  • Set up of loan accounting concepts (including foreign currency evaluation)

Control of commodity exposures: Comprehensive design of the commodity backup process including transfer of market data, transaction entry as well as matching of commodity and backup positions to obtain a net position

  • Transfer and mapping of commodity exposures
  • Segmentation/allocation of commodity derivatives (set up of backup portfolios)
  • Transfer of market and evaluation data by direct link to counterparties (set up of a market data pool)
  • Set up of the net commodity position
  • Control of the net commodity position


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